Improving Lives Through Education

Who we are

We are a group of people who are united in our commitment to accelerate opportunity, realize people’s full potential, create choice and improve lives through quality education.

improving Teaching and Learning in Indonesia

What we do

Tanoto Foundation harnesses the transformative power of education to realize people’s full potential and to improve lives.

Our goals

Significantly reduce stunting in Indonesia
Contribute to the reduction of the stunting rate in Indonesia to below 20% by 2030

Elevate Indonesia’s global ranking in education
Help Indonesia become one of the five most improved countries in the OECD (PISA) ranking system by 2030

Accelerate discovery and application of Asia-relevant medical interventions
Catalyse preventive and integrative medical research efforts into Asian prevalent diseases

Create strong leaders
Support the development of a community of leaders who are making a positive impact on society

Indonesia Flagship Programs

Early Childhood Education and Development

Improving the quality of early childhood education centers in both rural and urban areas.

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Basic Education

Enhancing the education ecosystem by working with school leadership, teachers, parents and the community.

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Higher Education

Developing the next generation of leaders who will make a positive impact in the communities in which they live and work.

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