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Tanoto Entrepreneurship Series


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Tanoto Entrepreneurship Series at the UI Campus (Salemba Campus, Jakarta)

8 October 2013

1) Mr. Martin Hartono (Djarum Group)
2) Mrs. Anne Avanti (Leading fashion designer and entrepreneur)

Entrepreneurial Opportunities in E-Business

The Tanoto Entrepreneurship Series is a series of Public Lectures which presents national and international entrepreneurs as speakers to share experiences, tips to be an entrepreneur and inspire young generation to be entrepreneurs.


Past Videos:

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Tanoto Scholars CONNECT




Tanoto Scholars Gathering

The annual leadership camp aims to foster strong leadership and networking skills among the scholars. 

 Don't Give Up without a Fight:
Set Your Goals High

Tanoto Scholars Gathering Tanoto Scholars Gathering Tanoto Scholars Gathering


Project Sukacita

Project Sukacita started in 2012. Tanoto Foundation scholars embarked on the community project to visit childcare centers and a senior high school established in Indonesia, Kerinci to improve the facility, interact and conduct activities with children.

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